Quality Control

Quality Control

Asian Tigers Indonesia maintains a high level of quality control (QC) in all departments, both through highly trained staff and sophisticated, customized computer system that links all offices and aspects of the company’s operations.

As one of Asia’s established and most experienced moving firms, it gives high priority to continuous in-house and external training for every employee from the most junior clerk to the top echelon of management.

Whatever their role in Asian Tigers Indonesia, all newcomers to the firm spend their first few months “in at the deep end” at our main warehouse and out with the crew, both to learn the basics of Asian Tigers Indonesia’s overall operation and to ensure that proper respect and security for the household and other goods handled by them becomes second nature.

Company Training

The training is a combination of in-house, hands-on instruction from senior members of our staff and attendance at specialized lectures and courses both in Indonesia and overseas.

Quality Assurance by FAIM

Asian Tigers Indonesia was awarded FIDI’s quality program compliance achievement in 1999. The Federation of International Removers (FIDI) created the FIDI Accredited International Mover (FAIM) program in conjunction with Ernst & Young Consulting. The FAIM audit covers every part of our business from the way we answer the phone to how we handle claims.

FAIM is similar to ISO 9002, except the FAIM has the following advantages:

  • It is designed specifically for the international moving industry.
  • It is completely independent.  Auditing is done by Ernst & Young Consulting.
  • It sets the standards – other programs, like ISO, audit a company’s own procedures.  With FAIM, we have to measure up to specific standards.

In-House Performance Evaluation

Asian Tigers Indonesia’s Customer Service Staff review the performance report, claims and feedback.  Any problem will be reviewed and discussed, and a report will be filed for Quality Control purposes.  Corrective actions will be taken, when necessary.