Other Useful Tips

Other Useful Tips

“Top Ten Words to internalize to Enjoy the Expat Lifestyle”, written by Julia Ferguson Andriessen

Thrive don’t just survive! The Expat lifestyle will be what you make it. Keep these ten words close to your heart and mind and you will enjoy the ride!

1. OPENMIND – Enjoy the differences.

2. PATIENCE – “This too shall pass”, a favorite mantra of living abroad.

3. HUMOR – Find the humor in each day and each crazy experience.

4. ADVENTURE – Look at the opportunities to explore and challenge yourself and your family. Every country, every culture has its own adventure – find it!

5. GROWTH – Here is a chance to expand your awareness of yourself and others.

6. BOUNDARIES – Remain flexible within the culture and situation but also remain true to yourself.

7. ACCEPTANCE – Take it a step further and accept the differences and not try to compare or change them.

8. CURIOSITY – View the new culture with child’s eyes.

9. COURAGE – Knowing up front that you are courageous for taking the assignment or choosing to go abroad can be a powerful reminder when you feel down.

10. ATTITUDE – You have 2 choices here. Positive or Negative. Avoid the expats that fall into the latter category.