Asian Tigers Indonesia Insurance package provides door-to-door coverage for your goods, and offers options for Mold & Mildew, Pairs & Sets, and Electrical and Mechanical Derangement coverage.

Asian Tigers Indonesia Guide to Insuring your Household Goods

Insurance for your international or local move is important for your protection in the event of unforeseen occurrences such as vehicle accidents, mishandling in sea or airports, or other damage that may occur to your goods during transit. Asian Tigers Indonesia is a moving company using experienced staff for all stages of your move, however, as unlikely as it may seem, accidents can happen. Adequate insurance coverage for your goods is important. Please do review this section accordingly.

The coverage offered by our Insurance is an “All-Risk” Marine insurance policy that covers every mode of transportation from your Indonesia address to your new home. This policy also includes coverage for the first 60 days of professional storage at origin and/or destination, so you will only need to purchase an extension if you require storage over 60 days at either side.

This policy does not cover jewelry, currency, watches, coins or stamp collections or any negotiable instrument. It is standard for insurance policies to exclude coverage for mold and mildew damage, mechanical and electronic derangement (internal workings), or replacement of an entire set when only part of the set is damaged. However, Asian Tigers Indonesia’s Insurance offers additional protection if you feel the need for the extra coverage.

Detailed Replacement Valued Inventory

Take time to prepare a detailed valued inventory of your household items. You may use the form given you by Asian Tigers Indonesia or prepare your own inventory on your computer or separate forms. Remember to insure all the goods in your shipment. The quoted rate will not apply if you only insure the fragile or high value items.

Value your possessions based on their approximate replacement value at your destination country. The ceramic garden stool you bought in Jakarta may be double the price to replace in New York or London.

Note: If you prepare your own inventory, you will still need to sign both the insurance application and your inventory. Mark on the application: “Per attached valued inventory”.

Optional Insurance

Major Electronic Items

Please include the brand name and model number with your description. Note that the internal workings of electronics are only covered in the event of physical damage to the item. For additional coverage for “Mechanical & Electrical Derangement”, please refer to the section on “Optional Coverage”, and the separate application form.

Rare Antiques and Artwork

For especially valuable single pieces, you should have a professional appraisal of the value for your records. Special packing and crating of such items will be arranged accordingly by Asian Tigers Indonesia expert packers and carpenters.

Self-Packed Items

If you wish to pre-pack some items yourself, please leave the cartons open for our staff to check. This is important for both insurance and destination customs reasons. Labeling items “PBO” (packed by owner) limits or cancels your insurance on that item and invites extra inspections by customs officers.

Insurance Extension for Storage

Your goods will be automatically covered for the first 60 days while in storage at origin and/or destination provided your goods are stored in a professional moving warehouse approved by us. Should you need to store your goods for more than 60 days, you will need to apply for an insurance extension. An extension form will be provided with your policy. There will be a nominal monthly charge for insurance extension.

Take Photos

Although not necessary, you may wish to take photos of your household or video tape the contents for your own reference. This is especially suggested for expensive antiques or artwork.

Read the Insurance Policy Terms and Conditions

The above tips are not a replacement for reading your policy. If you have any questions about the ‘fine print’, please ask our Move Management Specialist.

Extended Insurance Coverage for your Household Goods

Mold & Mildew Coverage

The normal marine policy does not cover damage caused by mold & mildew (“atmospheric or climatic conditions”). As has a very humid climate, if you plan on storing your goods for any length of time, coverage for Mold & Mildew is recommended.

Mechanical & Electrical Derangement Coverage

The normal marine insurance policy only covers damages as a result of evident physical injury to electronic or mechanical items. If you wish coverage for malfunctions of the “internal workings” of your stereo, television, computer, washing machine, or similar items, “MED” coverage is recommended. All items must be proven to be in proper working order prior to packing. Please refer to the attached application for this coverage.

Pairs & Sets Coverage

The normal marine policy only covers for the value of the individual item damaged or lost and will not compensate for the total value of a set. Pairs & Sets coverage provides compensation to replace the whole set, should only part of the set be damaged and not repairable or replaceable. Label such items in your inventory as “Set” of “Pair”. (Should you be fully compensated for an entire set due to one or more damaged pieces, the insurance company would retain ownership of the remaining incomplete set.)