Your Door-To-Door Move

Your Door-To-Door Move

Pre-Move Survey

The pre-move survey allows our Move Management Specialists to meet with you to discuss your requirements. The consultant will record the various items to be packed and make note of any special requirements. Every move is different, so be prepared to discuss your individual needs.

Remember the basics:

  • What to ship by sea
  • What to ship by air
  • What to put in storage
  • What to pick up or deliver locally
  • What might you add after the survey
  • Your company’s shipping allowance
  • Your insurance requirements
  • Your travel plans and required timing
  • Special service needs

Our Move consultant will provide you with preliminary information about destination customs requirements, insurance, packing techniques, timing and so on, with later follow-up with more detailed answers for your specific requirements.

Our Quotation

Based on the information gathered during the survey, a detailed budget proposal for your move will be sent to you within a few days. The quotation for the move will include:

  • The estimated volume or weight of the shipment
  • The total price for the estimated move
  • Packing dates, or days required to complete the job
  • Unit price (price per cubic foot, kilogram, or cubic meter)
  • Insurance premium, if applicable
  • What is included
  • What is excluded
  • Extra charges for special services
  • The chosen delivery company at destination

It is important to do a proper evaluation of all the quotations, if you are having more than one.

In making your choice of moving companies, the following should be taken into account:

  • Reputation of the company and verifiable quality credentials
  • Reputation of the destination delivery company
  • Professionalism of the surveyor
  • Total estimated cost and unit cost

Remember as in any product or service comparison, there is usually some correlation between price and quality. This rule applies whether you are buying a new car, choosing a hotel, or even having a hair cut! It also applies to moving everything you own.

Acceptance of the Quotation

To ensure proper initiation of your move, we ask that you complete the Work Order Form (provided with our quotation) and fax it to us. Please mail the original separately. Once we have received your faxed confirmation, we will reconfirm your packing dates.


There are certain documents that we will require to properly arrange your international move. We ask that you complete the documentation before packing begins to ensure vessel and air shipment bookings are timely. Late receipt of these documents can cause delays to your shipment.

  • Copy of your passport (normally only the biographical page)
  • Customer’s Instruction Form (supplied by Asian Tigers Indonesia)
  • Insurance policy application and valuation of your goods (see Insurance)
  • Destination customs forms, if applicable (Australia, UK, USA, and others)

Asian Tigers Indonesia staff will be glad to assist you with their completion.


Before packing crew arrives, remember to keep the items you will take on the plane with you in a place where they won’t be packed by mistake. Also, put labels on those items that go into storage, by air/sea, stay in the house, so the crew will handle accordingly. Asian Tigers Indonesia will supply the labels for you.

  • Show the Crew Leader where to start and give him a brief tour of the house.
  • Point out those items that require special care of crating.
  • Do not allow jewelry, expensive watches, money, coin or stamp collections to be packed. These should be hand-carried by you. (Insurers will not normally cover these items.)
  • Do try to be present during packing to ensure no misunderstanding about what is packed.
  • If you pack any boxes yourself, leave them for the Crew Leader to check, otherwise, he will label them as “PBO” (packed by owner) which may cause problems with customs authorities and insurance companies.
  • The Crew Leader will prepare a packing list for you listing each package’s contents and ask you to sign it upon completion of the packing.
  • The Crew Leader will also go through a post-packing checklist to ensure we have not forgotten anything.
  • The packing crew will also load your shipment into the steamship container or wooden liftvan crates at your residence. Your goods will normally go directly to the port of loading, unless otherwise specified.

Shipment of Your Goods

Asian Tigers Indonesia’s shipping department will arrange the air or sea shipment of your goods to the appropriate destination port of entry nearest to your new residence.

Asian Tigers Indonesia chooses reputable carriers to help ensure that your shipment arrives as scheduled, arranging the shipment of your goods include the following:

  • Booking the container or air space in advance with the carrier
  • Transporting the container or truck to your residence for loading
  • Transporting the goods to the sea port for loading
  • Palletizing/containerizing your air shipment in our warehouse prior to shipment and transport to the airport for loading
  • Export customs clearance formalities and documentation
  • Payment of normal port handling and terminal charges in Indonesia
  • Payment of all freight charges to the destination port of arrival
  • Payment of normal port handling and terminal charges at the destination port of entry (for door-to-door moves)
  • Sending all related documents to our destination delivery partners.


Asian Tigers Indonesia will provide you with the contact details for our delivery partner in your destination country and the estimated arrival date for your shipment. Upon arrival, you should contact our partner to advise them of your plans and to coordinate the documentation and delivery schedule.

Service at destination normally includes the following:

  • Import customs clearance and documentation
  • Delivery to your residence
  • Unloading, placement in proper rooms, unpacking
  • Debris removal (usually on day of delivery)
  • Container return

Services and charges that are not included unless specified in our proposal:

  • Warehouse or port storage, import customs duties or taxes, oversize items such as pianos, safes, items to hoist or stair carry, split delivery, weekend delivery, handymen, and other special services. Charges for these services vary accordingly.

Following is a list of things to do for your delivery:

  • Contact the delivery mover’s import or customer service department.
  • Advise them of your particulars and contact / delivery address / timing.
  • You may arrive before our documents and shipment details, so they may not have all of your details when you first call.
  • Check off the receipt of each package against the packing list for completeness upon delivery.
  • Advise the crew where to place each item in the house.
  • Observe the unpacking and condition of the goods unpacked.
  • Note on the packing list or delivery receipt if there is any visible damage at the time of delivery. You should keep a copy of the delivery receipt.
  • If all items are not unpacked when the crew leaves, note on the delivery receipt “Condition of goods received subject to further inspection and notice.”

Enjoy your new home!